Who are we and why did we start DIY Sensory?

DIY Sensory - Sean and Tracy

Who are we?

If you're visiting this page then I know you want to know a little bit about us and the history of this page. My name is Sean and myself and my wife Tracy are the writers, developers, photographers and everything else behind this DIY Sensory play site.

Why create DIY Sensory?

So you may also be wondering why we created this site. Our journey on this sensory fun journey started 4 years ago as I write this paragraph. At that time our youngest child was diagnised with ASD along with higher sensory needs.

This really meant that we needed to find ways to help meet any extra sensory needs he required. Along the journey it also turns out that our other child also has high sensory needs - so this made our journey even more important.

SEN and Sensory means high costs

We found that as soon as a toy, game or anything similar had special needs or sensory added to the beginning of the title - the cost went up. So, we started exploring other ways to create fun activities that would meet our requirements for sensory fun.

We found many things along the way. We tried many games along the way. Even today we still find new things, try new things and make up new games.

Doing it on a budget

We also wanted to address those high costs and do things on a budget we could afford. You may already know how costly everything is - so we are always looking to DIY our sensory on the lowest budget possible - while also making sure that the quality of the fun activities remains high quality.

So, why not follow our journey

So, why not follow our journey. Everything we post on here has been trialled and tested with our own kids. All activities will have been vetted by their high standards and so we know they are fun things to do.

So, why not start your own sensory fun journey - just check out our articles above.

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