How To Dye Pasta For Colored Pasta Sensory Play

Many children love to play with items that they can run there hand through. One of the favourite sensory activities we found is to be with pasta.

This is such a fun activity to do with children on a wet and dry day.

You want the colour of the pasta is colourful and vibrant so that it catches the eyes of young children. This activity is good for children with sensory needs or even without. It’s a great activity all around. Children can explore by scooping and pouring into different containers even mixing different coloured pasta together. They can also try different shapes and sizes too to give it the extra fun factor.

This activity is good to help children
* To be calm and focused
* to help with Hand and eye coordination
* to practice fine motor skills.

What do we need to make colored pasta

It's easy how to make colored pasta. To make the colored pasta we need the following ingredients.


You will need to gather the following ingredients.
* 1 bag of dry pasta
* Food colouring
* Vinegar
* Re-sealable bags
* Greece proof paper
* A plastic storage container

Steps on how to make your coloured pasta

Once you’ve gathered all the ingredients the next step is to create your colored pasta:

  • Place the pasta inside a re-sealable bag the amount you want to put in is a personal choice.
  • Mix together 1tsp of vinegar with several drops of food colouring (one colour at a time is best) you can add more again its a personal choice.
  • Seal the bag up and give it a really good shake about until the colour has covered all the pasta .this is the part that children love doing .got the fun factor.
  • Once done open the sealed bag then carefully spread it out on the greaseproof paper to dry and it won't stick that way. Be careful not to get it over your hands.
  • once the pasta is dry place in a storage container.
How to make coloured pasta
How to make coloured pasta

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