Sensory Play With Shredded Paper

This may seem like an easy, simple sensory play item. You may read this title and say either 'Oh yes' or 'Really?' - sshredded paper really is a fun activity for your kids.

Why shredded paper?

You may ask the question, why is shredded paper fun? Let me start to give my answer with a counter question of 'Have you tried running your hands through shredded paper?'.

The reason I start with that counter question is, if you have then you would start to understand the sensory input you get from something so easy and simple.

The way shredded paper feels; the way it clings together when in tubs. It just gives a great, and indescribable, sensory response to touch.

For children that love to run things through their fingers it gives such a tactile sensory input. This is perfect if your child loves playing with items then can let sprinkle through their fingers.

The great thing is it's so simple to make and virtually cost free.

Creating your shredded paper

We use a standard paper shredded to create our shredded paper; though you could rip the paper into strips yourself. This would just take time.

With the cost of a paper shredder having come down to very affordable prices, it pay be something to invest in.

To make the shredded paper you just need:

  • Paper (We use junk mail and any bills etc. we want to shred)
  • A tub to put it in
  • A paper shredded

Simple put the paper in the shredded. Once you've shredded enough just place it in the tub and let your child play.

The cost of creating this, for us, is zero. We use old junk mail and bills because its items we no longer once - and it's even recycling. If you don't have a shredded or tub then you have to factor in this cost - though they are going to give you more use in the future.

One con about shredded paper

I could take some time to go through the Pro's of shredded paper - but I feel it's going to be quicker talking about the only Con I can think of.

Shredded paper gets everywhere. Yep, you will be cleaning it up for a while. That's it, the only negative. You could wander about things such as paper cuts. We've never experienced any ourselves with our kids - but it is a consideration you need to take in for any paper play.

Other than that - it's a cheap fun sensory activity for you to do with your kids.

Shredded Paper Play
Shredded Paper Play

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